Apex Audio LLC: Location Sound Mixer, Production Sound Mixer, Phoenix AZ

We are a location sound, production sound, and sound mixing company based in Phoenix Arizona. Apex Audio works mainly in the southwest, but has mixed sound world wide. If you are in need of a sound engineer/recordist in the studio, corporate location sound, commercial, or a reality production sound mixer, let Apex Audio LLC solve all your sound needs with their top industry gear and extensive production knowledge.

Steve Boehme, owner/operator, has been doing location sound and production sound with many of the top national networks since 2006. Besides proving impeccable sound recording, Steve Boehme has extensive production knowledge ranging from rigging to lighting. He is an efficient sound engineer that is always willing to assist production in a team effort, assuring any project becomes a great product.

With all the different camera formats out now, it is important for the sound mixer to be knowledgeable and prepared.